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Standard Level Determines Product Level SBM Quality Awakening Activity Carrying on

At present, the "quality awakening activity" of SBM is being promoted in the production system in order. It is reported that, since its beginning in July, this activity has improved the quality awareness of the frontline workers of the production system with a series of measures.

Different from the special quality improvement activities of SBM such as the annual "quality improvement month", this "quality awakening activity" will be carried on in a continuous way. "Centering on product and quality, this activity has established various measures which practically help our workers awaken their quality awareness and improve their technical skills, and facilitate our workers to think on others' side and recognize the problems during production and improvement room from various perspectives. As a result, it indeed realizes the elevation of quality standard." The manager of Qidong Production Base introduces.


It is said that, the "quality awakening activity" carries out system training twice a week on the employees' code of conduct, operation standards, process flow and customer site feedback. Meanwhile, the half-day director system is executed, requiring all team and group heads to act as the half-day director every week to pay attention to quality issues. In addition, during this activity, the frontline workers will in turn assist the customer service center to carry out installation, not only helping the workers to find out the individual improvement points of production, but also improving product quality with the feedbacks taken back from the frontline site.

Filling in the Market Gap, SBM Hunan Office Help Customers to Realize Value Maximization

Recently, Huang Ziyang from SBM Hunan Office won the title of SBM Marketing Master for the 2nd Season for his outstanding construction achievements of the sales network in central China. Led by him, Hunan Office has completed its annual sales objective within half a year.


"Great changes have taken place in Hunan market. The building of sand and stone field projects has become more standard with larger scales due to auction of river channel resources and reorganization of mine resources. Given this, we will try to give feedback to the headquarters in time so as to provide the most appropriate product solutions for the customers," Huang says, "the construction of development of our office have not only made the market clear to us for more convenient after service, but also deepened our communication with the customers."

At present, SBM owns an experienced and skilled sales service team and a perfect sales service network across the country. There are fixed offices in 15 provinces and municipalities and flexible offices in 5 provinces, mainly radiating eastern China, southern China, central China, northwestern China, southwestern China and northeastern China.